A Book Review – A Hare in the wilderness By S.E. Turner

A Hare in the Wilderness By S.E.Turner

A Clever Title. 

I named this a clever title as it becomes clear when the story unfolds. I think I expected a sci-fi type book, but what I got was better. I believe this is written for young adults and adults who like a pleasant read with realistic challenges. I gave this book 5 Stars.

It is a story of a life’s challenges and growth of a family through those challenges. I liked the clan idea. It reminded me of how I expected the natives of USA., to live; although, many cultures, even in the UK., set out as clans. I enjoyed the story, the descriptions, vocabulary and dialogue are all good. This is 300 pages approx., book and a good read. The author has described the book as follows:

Hare in the Wilderness
The book by S.E. Turner

In a time when folklore and superstition are prevalent; the animal spirits are totem guides, The Kingdom of Durundal —The series title, can be a mysterious place – and for a child who is different, it can be cruel.
Ajeya is a girl with a secret when she is banished into the wilderness. Close to death, she is found and accepted by the clans who give her protection for many years. Until the day a rumble can be heard in the distance and an enemy breaches the horizon.
But who are these warriors? What do they want? And how will Ajeya and her people survive against them?
Welcome to the Kingdom of Durundal where dreams are made and nightmares begin.

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Acknowledgements: Description from the author. S.E. Turner

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