Never Too Far…

I may not always be at the forefront; After all, I have a chronic illness to put up with. My mind is always ticking with something resourceful, though, so I have busy doing several things. The first is, I have introduced PDf downloads in the shop for your perusal and purchase.

The next is, I have been doing certain courses to give me more experience in my writing skills, I have been reading plenty and writing, but the assignments have kept me very busy. As we approach the spooky season, don’t forget about my #monsterbook I’m a Monster – Are You?

Which Monster Are You?
An inspiration about Monsters, which one are you?

And then, the hardback of Poetic Peace – A compilation for all Makes an excellent gift.

Consisting of a variety of poetry styles and free form
A compilation of poetry for all…

The paperbacks and Hardback of Poetic Peace can be found at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The physical books can also be purchased on this website.

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