Born in Bradford West Yorkshire Uk. I had the ambition to write. My life went in a different direction, I had been a nurse (RGN) for a lot of years. I retrained and had a beauty salon for a further six years. During that time I learned to teach aerobics and often went to nightshift after class. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2013 and it is a different life to get used too. However, I sat and thought and decided I may have been made to 'be still' but, what a great opportunity to write. So here I am; writing to my heart's content. Blogging, poetry and children's books. My novel may come yet but for the time being, I have turned this into something very positive. Join me on my journey. Haley

A Book Review – A Hare in the wilderness By S.E. Turner


A Hare in the Wilderness By S.E.Turner A Clever Title.  I named this a clever title as it becomes clear when the story unfolds. I think I expected a sci-fi type book, but what I got… Read more

Poetic Peace-A compilation of Poetry for all.


I cannot post all of these reviews without my own poetry book. It is a collection of poetry written over a year. It doesn’t lean to one specific subject but has something that will touch… Read more

A Book Review-A hearts Journey Home by Natalie Ducey


‘The Heart’s Journey Home’ by Natalie Ducey, ⇑⇑Lighthearted poetry of love and loss. Suitable for all. I thoroughly enjoyed this short collection of love and loss type of poetry. I thought the poetry flowed and… Read more

Book Review-If only there was music by Nonnie Jules and Giani Jordan.


I am a poetry fan, This book is full of emotion, told from him and her perspective. It touched a nerve for me, as I have been through a divorce and also been in love…. Read more

Book review- Look for me Under the Rainbow by Bernard Jan


‘Look For Me under the Rainbows’ by Bernard Jan. Forgive any errors, I Can’t see the screen I am so moved. So, don’t forget your box of tissues. I have read this in one evening,… Read more

Book Review-Arcadia Falls by Ken Stark


Arcadia Falls by Ken Stark My rating: 5 of 5 stars It took me some time to finish reading due to family circumstances but once I got into this book and the family thing over… Read more

Silent Despair


She’s too young to sit in a cloud so black, Wondering how she can fetch her way back! It’s like a maze she cannot get out, Away to her loved ones as she takes a… Read more

Well…My Dads life,


I am unsure if any of you saw the poem about My Dad’s life. I did Mum’s tributes, I certainly cannot forget about the best man I ever knew.  Let me see if I can… Read more

For Dad.


A Tribute… I know you would be proud of me if you were here today! Your smile, your grin, your jesting, like me! On a good day! Oh, Dad I really miss you, as well… Read more

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