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Which Monster Are You?
An inspiration about Monsters, which one are you?





This is a fun book! Told in rhyme for engagement, there are plenty of sounds the everyday monsters make: To roleplay! Available in paperback here and Barnes and Noble. The e-book is available only at Amazon.




Amy Throws a Line.
The first book in The Wiggly Road Trilogy.




The Wiggly Road Trilogy.

Amy Throws a Line – A Fishing Adventure. This is a funny book about a fishing trip.  Amy and her friend set out with her Dad and their two dogs. What happens? Join Amy on her day out to find out what happens? Available in paperback here, at Barnes and Noble and Amazon produces the e-book. The second and third books are in progress.


When Heavy Hail hits…


The Year Heavy Hail Halted Christmas.

This Christmas edition has many more illustrations for the engagement of your child. It has been written to enjoy with your child, children or class as Christmas approaches; a little each night to in the build-up to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Please note there is a reference to Jesus and the star of Bethlehem. It is also modern.

Available in paperback here and e-book and paperback at Amazon & Barnes and Noble.

Amelia’s Autumn Trail

The new edition is out now! Written for 5-7 or for bedtime reading; this book has a certain charm which, appeals to the parent reader too. Available for purchase from Amazon, this is also for purchase here and Barnes and Noble for the hardback. It is a beautiful book.

Three little books for early reader or bedtime stories
Amy’s Through the window series.

Amy’s –

Through The Window Series


Amy’s Windy Tale is the first in the mini-series of the Through the Window set of books. They are a delightful set of short stories; the can be purchased on Amazon. The paperback is available here as a set or individually.


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